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Latest News

Double-Wide Parkhome Mobile Office

At Speedspace, we understand that the requirements of our clients should be analysed holistically to include all considerations, from the actual building requirements to the timeframe in which a project must be completed and the client’s available budget.  We go to great lengths to ensure that affordability is at the core of our offering, and … Continue reading Double-Wide Parkhome Mobile Office

Modalur Prefab Building in Zambia

Our teams of experts at Speedspace are adept at overcoming the challenge of building exceptional, robust and functional structures in the most remote settings, allowing our clients to have structures placed exactly where they need them.  This modular prefab building in a remote part of Zambia is a perfect example of that.  When the client approached … Continue reading Modalur Prefab Building in Zambia

Recap of Completed Projects in 2021

As we begin 2022, we thought it was the right opportunity to look back at a few of the many projects we were involved in during 2021. Speedspace was trusted to deliver on projects throughout Africa, and here is a quick trip down memory lane over the past 12 months. At the beginning of the … Continue reading Recap of Completed Projects in 2021

Cost Effective Storage Solutions

For the best storage solutions that are robust, secure and cost-effective, Speedspace can handle all of your requirements.  Whether you need to store a motorcycle at your home, equipment and documents at your office or simply want to build a storage unit onto your existing building, we can design and deliver a storage solution that is … Continue reading Cost Effective Storage Solutions

Rental Parkhome

The past few months have been extremely busy for Speedspace, with our unique products and space management solutions in high demand across South Africa and beyond into the Southern African region.  Our management, designers, engineers and on-site teams have been hard at work fulfilling orders for a variety of clients based on their specific applications, … Continue reading Rental Parkhome

Rental Mobile Modular Offices

Our space management solutions are often sought after by developers, construction companies and others involved in the development of infrastructure across the country, with their main requirement often being temporary structures that can be delivered fast and used during the building process as offices, accommodation or storage facilities. One of our clients in Port Elizabeth … Continue reading Rental Mobile Modular Offices

Converted Container

Speedspace’s extensive expertise, innovative design capabilities and range of services in the space management solution space extend to neighbouring countries in the African region, with clients in other southern and central African countries, and international clients with local operations, often approaching our company to assist them with their requirements.  One such example is a project … Continue reading Converted Container

Space Management Solutions in Zambia

The world’s largest and most established firms trust Speedspace to provide the local expertise and resources necessary to design and deliver space management solutions throughout Africa. 

Parkhome Type Modular Offices

At Speedspace, we are proud of our track record of establishing long-lasting relationships with customers where our product offering continues to add value thanks to the quality and longevity of our space management solutions.  A great example of this can be seen in the red buildings pictured in this post. Twelve years ago, Speedspace was contracted … Continue reading Parkhome Type Modular Offices

Modular Buildings for Rental and Sales

This time of year is traditionally a busy time for Speedspace, with clients requiring specialised space management solutions for a variety of applications, and this year is no different.  We are currently designing and preparing almost 6000sqm of various modular buildings for both rental and sale which need to be completed and delivered to clients … Continue reading Modular Buildings for Rental and Sales