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Latest News

7m Double-wide Classroom Parkhome Units

At Speedspace, we use the versatility of our products to give our clients exactly what they need throughout the lifecycle of the product, even if that means relocating it as necessary years later or converting it to serve a new purpose.  These images show one of our 7m double-wide classroom parkhome units which one of … Continue reading 7m Double-wide Classroom Parkhome Units

Mobile Site Office

Requiring a mobile site office set up quickly, easily and affordably used to be a serious challenge until Speedspace leveraged innovation and expertise to overcome that challenge and produce quality space management solutions.  Whether you need a solution for a mobile site office or an addition to your current business premises, we have the experience … Continue reading Mobile Site Office

Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT)

As Speedspace, we are proud to renew our support for the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT) and the excellent work that they continue to do to support wildlife conservation in southern Africa. Our support will include the continued provision of modular office space for staff at the EWT head office in Midrand at no cost. The Endangered Wildlife … Continue reading Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT)

Prefabricated Modular Buildings in Zambia

This week we paid a follow-up visit to one of our clients in Zambia, to see the prefabricated modular buildings that our subsidiary Ufudu Zambia produced for the World Food Program in Lusaka.  We were pleased to see that our products have been used to bring their facility to life in a beautiful and modern office complex that … Continue reading Prefabricated Modular Buildings in Zambia

Parkhome Building

Speedspace always make use of reliable and accredited transport companies to ensure that our products are moved safely and timeously from our premises to the client’s chosen destination, regardless of the size of the product or the end location. In these images, a truck transports an abnormal load of 18m x 3.4m wide which is … Continue reading Parkhome Building

Permanent Prefabricated Structure

Speedspace gives you more room to move, and more functional space for your company or organisation, regardless of location. In addition to our mobile space management solutions, our experts are pleased to come to you and offer a more permanent prefabricated structure on site.  Our modular offering allows us to design and build your structure … Continue reading Permanent Prefabricated Structure


People often think that parkhomes have a limited lifespan, however, when these buildings are maintained, their longevity is boosted, extending the lifespan of these units well beyond the expectations of their owners.  Our experienced Speedspace teams are able to refurbish second-hand parkhome and prefabricated units — either at our premises or on-site — breathing new life into these … Continue reading Parkhomes

Space Management Solutions

At Speedspace, we are often tasked with providing space management solutions that require units built to ensure comfort in harsh weather conditions, both in terms of withstanding the external conditions and the impact that would have on the structure, as well as ensuring that the internal part of the unit would remain comfortable for those … Continue reading Space Management Solutions

Container Conversion

Speedspace was recently involved in the conversion of these colourful 40′ containers which we converted into rest rooms for a mining operation to be kept on-site.  Complete with a kitchen sink and air conditioning, these converted units will be used in different areas of the mine, and will likely serve as comfortable and temperature-controlled rooms for … Continue reading Container Conversion

Prefabricated Modular and Mobile Offices

When large corporates have space management challenges that need to be met, they trust Speedspace to come up with the solutions that will allow them to run optimally and overcome the obstacles in their way.  Speedspace will be supplying Sasol Secunda with 1000sqm of prefabricated modular and mobile offices which will assist with accommodating additional … Continue reading Prefabricated Modular and Mobile Offices