The flexibility of our modular UfuduCabin


When it comes to the need for larger buildings or complexes involving a number of structures or rooms in a remote area, Speedspace has a proven plan that enables the swift and efficient establishment of the required space management solution, assisting our customers to overcome their challenges. 

These images illustrate an example of the flexibility of our modular UfuduCabin product and how the design and construction allows for it to be utilised in applications where site restrictions or limited space can be an issue. 

The versatile cabins, or flatpack cabins as they are referred to in the market, offer a unique solution, unlike any other prefabricated solution in South Africa, where these cabins can be stacked as multi-storey buildings or joined to create a large office complex.  

The buildings are supplied in modules and can be joined in any configuration to create a larger complex, as evidenced by this solution, making the possibilities virtually endless and enabling a solution that is as versatile as they come. 

These cabins can be mobilised to site in a very short time frame and assembled on a compacted surface without the need for a concrete base as it comes complete with a stable floor structure.

Whether you choose to rent or buy, Speedspace has a space solution that can suit your needs and application. Simply get in touch with us and we will assist you.