Speedspace offers an in-house transport division to ensure speedy delivery

Speedspace has earned a reputation as a trusted and reliable space management solutions contractor because of our focus on the specific requirements of each individual client, and our ability to deliver an all-in-one solution while taking care of all of the details.

An important part of this is ensuring that any space management solutions we design, construct and implement are delivered safely, without any damage and within expected timeframes, regardless of the end location or the challenges we need to overcome.

This is why we always make use of reliable and accredited transport companies, with which we maintain a professional and long-lasting relationship, to ensure that our products are moved safely and timeously from our premises to the client’s chosen destination.

This approach gives our clients the peace of mind that their products will reach them on time, safely and without any issues thanks to our strong links to the most trusted transport firms, and our ability to overcome any logistics challenges along the way.

In addition to our excellent relationships with our trusted transport companies, Speedspace offers an in-house transport division to ensure speedy delivery while minimising the risk of damage to leased and purchased mobile units.

Regardless of where a mobile unit or parkhome building needs to be transported, the team at Speedspace will get it to its final destination in excellent condition and without compromise, delivering an excellent customer experience and fulfilling our commitment to the client.