Speedspace accommodates a 220-man camp for the dedicated support staff involved in the construction of the largest radio telescope bases.


The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) project is a groundbreaking international collaborative project aiming to construct the largest radio telescope in the world. With a massive square kilometre of collecting area, the SKA telescope is set to revolutionise our understanding of the universe and pave the way for scientific discoveries.

The South African Radio Astronomy Observatory (SARAO) is responsible for managing all radio astronomy initiatives and facilities in South Africa, including the renowned MeerKAT Radio Telescope in the Karoo.
As part of the SKA project expansion, Speedspace has secured a contract with PowerAdenco JV to provide a comprehensive 220-man camp for the dedicated support staff involved in the construction of the telescope bases and an extensive road network connecting these bases.
Over the next two years, Speedspace will play a crucial role in accommodating the teams working on this remarkable international endeavour and ensuring that they have a comfortable, productive and functional home-away-from-home while on-site
Located 70km away from the nearest town of Carnarvon in the Northern Cape, the remote site presents unique challenges in terms of accommodation and infrastructure. However, Speedspace is no stranger to overcoming obstacles on behalf of clients, and we have successfully delivered a range of modular units to meet the diverse needs of the project.
The range of units we have provided includes various sizes and functionalities to cater to different requirements. These units have been meticulously designed to offer comfort, convenience, and durability in the most challenging and remote environments imaginable.
Among the units delivered are 18m five-sleeper units, 18m four-sleeper units, eight convenient 12m shared-ablution dormitory units, seven well-equipped 6m male ablution units, 8 x 12m four-sleeper units, 19 practical 12m double three-sleeper units, and a range of other specialised containers and buildings.
Ensuring that the dedicated support staff have a comfortable and conducive living environment is crucial for the successful implementation of the SKA project.
Speedspace’s modular units not only provide a safe and comfortable living space, but also essential amenities such as ablution facilities, kitchen containers, laundry resources, dry store containers, and waste management solutions. The range of units also includes spacious dining and recreation buildings, promoting a sense of community and camaraderie among the teams working on the project.
Speedspace’s commitment to quality and excellence ensures that all units are delivered to the highest standards. These modular units are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions while providing a comfortable and functional space for the support staff to enjoy, be productive in and call home.