Modular Office Structures

modular office structures

Problem-solving is in Speedspace’s nature, and we are always ready to produce solutions that can assist our clients in overcoming challenges.

With the economic effects of COVID impacting businesses small and large, we have seen some companies revert to alternative office solutions to avoid the extremely high lease costs of conventional office parks and retail spaces. 

This provided us with an opportunity to assist such companies through the design and construction of modular office structures that cater to their immediate business needs at a time when such solutions can be the difference between surviving or closing down. 

Speedspace supplied this 60sqm modular office as per the medium-sized accounting firm’s requirements adjacent to an existing retail centre in the north of Johannesburg. 

This particular example shows that our modular solutions are even suited to high-end upmarket areas without detracting from it’s surrounds. A great deal of effort goes into ensuring that all aspects of our space management solutions, both internal and external, look great, are functional and cater to all client requirements.