Residential Parkhome Units

residential parkhome units

At Speedspace, we believe in building local expertise, resources and capacity to deal with local challenges and provide opportunities in the many African countries in which we operate. 

Speedspace’s Zambian subsidiary, Ufudu Zambia, recently completed a number of innovative units for Double GDP, a US-based company that uses its software, technology expertise and skills training to support and promote the formation of new cities across the world with the aim of providing decent accommodation and other social amenities.

To that end, Double GDP has partnered with Nkwashi Estate in Lusaka, where a new city is being designed and developed with plans including a vastly improved road network, housing and other social amenities. Double GDP is offering technological training on topics including cybersecurity and IT to ensure that the new cities are better equipped with the highest level of technological advancement from inception (designed by the locally-trained IT Engineers). 

At this stage of the project, however, there is limited accommodation available in Nkwashi. This is why Double GDP approached us to acquire high-quality temporary accommodation units on a long-term rental basis to be used as housing for their trainees while Nkwashi builds permanent structures. 

These 3m x 12m Two-Bedroom Residential Parkhome Units make for comfortable and functional on-site accommodation, configured with a bedroom on each side with an AC unit, and a shared bathroom and kitchenette to form a comprehensive solution.

The initially signed lease was for three units, but that has been extended to 10 units after we exceeded the client’s expectations in terms of both lead-time and quality of the accommodation units. 

Our subsidiary has so far delivered a total of six units in the space of only six weeks, with four more units currently being built in our Zambian factory in Lusaka.