Parkhome Units, Cabins & Steel Containers


At Speedspace, we are devastated to see the impact of the rioting and looting that has gripped our country in the past days, and we commiserate with the communities, businesses, families and individuals affected.

We have been encouraged by the scenes of people and communities uniting in solidarity against these terrible actions as we look to rebuild our country and the areas particularly affected by the violence, damage and food shortages. 

In the spirit of Ubuntu and with Nelson Mandela Day this weekend, we want to do our part in supporting the rebuilding effort and helping businesses and organisations whose properties have been destroyed or vandalised during these challenging times. 

We would like to offer our parkhome units, cabins, steel containers and other applicable space management solutions on a discounted rental basis to assist those who require such structures temporarily while they rebuild or repair their buildings or properties. 

Speedspace will offer such structures rental-free for the first month of use, 50% off for the second month, and 30% off the rental cost for the third month onwards until the structure is no longer needed. We will use our expertise and make our quality units available to offer you a quick solution that will allow you to continue operating despite the damage and disruption.