Prefabricated Modular Buildings in Zambia

This week we paid a follow-up visit to one of our clients in Zambia, to see the prefabricated modular buildings that our subsidiary Ufudu Zambia produced for the World Food Program in Lusaka. 

We were pleased to see that our products have been used to bring their facility to life in a beautiful and modern office complex that allows them to positively impact the lives of millions of people in the southern African region as they continue to address hunger and promote food security.

Earlier this year, we completed and delivered new 480 square metre offices in the Zambian capital for the World Food Program. Made from 16 fully modified shipping containers, the large office block was constructed to exact specifications and fully kitted out with all of the high-end features one would expect to find in a conventional office complex. 

Features include sliding windows with roller shutters, air conditioners, comfortable flooring, power skirting, office lighting and kitchen counters and cabinetry.  

The photos illustrate this wonderful office in use, with the staff enjoying the modern facilities and the beautifully established gardens.

This project took Speedspace’s subsidiary only three months to complete, and we are pleased to have played a small role in supporting the WFP as it expands its operations using the new premises.