Parkhome Building

Speedspace always make use of reliable and accredited transport companies to ensure that our products are moved safely and timeously from our premises to the client’s chosen destination, regardless of the size of the product or the end location.

In these images, a truck transports an abnormal load of 18m x 3.4m wide which is one half of a 122sqm parkhome office building being despatched from our yard to the site where it will be used by the client.

Our clients have peace of mind knowing that their products will reach them on time, safely and without any issues thanks to our strong links to the most trusted transport firms, and our ability to take logistics challenges in our stride.

In addition to these excellent relationships with transport companies, Speedspace offers an in-house transport division to ensure speedy delivery and minimise the risk of damage to leased and purchased mobile units.

Whether you need a mobile unit transported to your office space in the Eastern Cape, a parkhome building delivered to a mine in Zambia or a container converted and sent back to your retail complex in Botswana, our Speedspace experts will get the job done and get the final product delivered to you seamlessly and in record time.