Container conversions done by Speedspace Botswana

Container Conversions

Our expertise in designing and delivering space management solutions extends beyond the borders of South Africa into other parts of southern Africa, with the same capabilities, know-how and company ethos present in all of the territories in which we operate. 

For example, these 40′ container conversions were done by Speedspace Botswana, which is based in Gaborone. Our Botswana business provides customers in the country with the same product offering as the parent company in South Africa, with a premium placed on quality and attention to detail. 

This ensures that customers in Botswana can count on our business to deliver high-quality conversion solutions for multiple industries and applications.

The images depict two recently completed conversion projects. One conversion is an insulated office prepared and sent to a remote area to be used as an exploration office, while the second container conversion was completed for a locally-based customer in Gaborone to be used as a safe and secure file storage solution. 

Our teams across the continent are highly-trained, vastly experienced and determined to provide solutions that exceed the expectations of our customers.