Fabrication and installation of a containerised solar-power room

At Speedspace, our strength is in our versatility and ability to offer comprehensive turnkey solutions to clients, regardless of the challenges that need to be solved and the specific requirements we need to meet on their behalf.

We thoroughly enjoy the most challenging and complex projects because we have a proven track record of delivering satisfactory solutions regardless of the project scope, location and requirements.

This was the case once again when our Zambian subsidiary was tasked with a high-end turnkey solution requiring the fabrication and installation of a (joined) containerised solar-power room using 5 x 20Ft insulated steel converted containers.

This was a highly technical job with a great deal of precision cutting and finishings required to allow for the successful installation of battery and inverter systems (which were supplied and installed by another company), cable trays, airconditioning units and other load-bearing finishings such as a floor reinforcement which was engineered to handle 14 Tonnes/m2.

Our teams successfully delivered once again, visualising, designing and constructing a product of assured quality in a timely manner, exceeding the expectations of the client and delivering the carefully-crafted end product featured in these images well in advance of the original schedule.