We have become recognized as remote camp specialists

remote camp

Speedspace is privileged to work with great companies on interesting projects across our beautiful country. We have become recognized as remote camp specialists capable of turning an idea into a finished product while expediting the establishment of such camps and overcoming any inherent challenges in doing so. 

We are in the process of delivering mobile parkhome-type accommodation units to two separate camps in remote areas, with extensive work on both of these sites set to be completed in the coming months. 

One of the camps, which our client will use to accommodate his senior employees, consists of 36 residential prefabricated units totalling 2709sqm. The units come complete with air-conditioned rooms and all furniture supplied by Speedspace, as well as the external plumbing and electrical reticulation, providing the customer with a hassle-free site establishment for his staff. 

The second camp will accommodate 220 artisans and the configuration of the parkhome accommodation allows for single rooms with ensuite ablutions, kitchen and dining facilities, as well as laundry and recreation areas. A total of 2500sqm of buildings will be manufactured and delivered by mid-Sept 2023 to establish this comprehensive remote camp. 

Both these projects are running concurrently thanks to Speedspace’s extensive network of established suppliers, contractors and skilled in-house project teams, which will ensure that these projects are completed within the respective four-month time frames. 

Trust Speedspace with your remote camp requirements — We won’t let you down.