Products: Parkhomes

Speedspan Modular Prefab Units, Portable Modular Prefab Unit, Portable Prefab Units

It is not easy to know in advance how much mobile on-site accommodation you’ll need. Speedspan mobile modular prefab units will fulfil your on-site requirements.

Speedloo Prefabricated Portable Toilets Prefabricated Ablution Facilities

Wherever workers congregate on site, hygienic toilet/ablution facilities are vital. Cleanliness, privacy and hot water are the keys to comfortable, civilised on-site living.

Speedcook Prefab Mobile Site Kitchens, Prefabricated Cafeteria, Prefabricated Mobile Kitchen

Speedcook prefab mobile kitchens / cafeterias are fully equipped with all appliances and fittings required for the hygienic preparation of delicious meals.

Speedsleep Prefab Mobile Dormitory Units, Mobile Dormitory Units, Prefabricated Sleeping Accommodation

Our prefab Speedsleep mobile dormitory units offer you a choice of single, double or multiple sleeping accommodation on site. These portable units are well designed.

Speedres Prefab Mobile Residential Accomodation, Parkhome, Prefabricated Mobile Residential Accommodation

Speedres offers you comfortable, welcoming ‘home from home’ prefabricated mobile residential accommodation (Parkhomes), designed for singles or families on site.

Speedoffice Mobile Site Office Accommodation, Portable Prefab Office Units

Why accept dreary, box-like ‘here-today-and-gone-tomorrow’ mobile site office accommodation, when you can occupy our portable prefab Speedoffice units.