Seamless Comfort and Style with Speedspace’s Innovative Space Management Solutions

prefabricated mobile residential accommodation

There is no need to give up on the comforts of home while living on-site in a remote location thanks to the innovative and stylish solutions on offer from the space management specialists at Speedspace. 

Speedspace offers you Speedres – comfortable, welcoming ‘home-away-from-home’ prefabricated mobile residential accommodation designed for singles or families on-site. 

These temporary mobile houses provide a high standard of finishings and fittings, in no way inferior to those of permanent houses. These fully-insulated, portable, prefab residential accommodation units, otherwise known as parkhomes, include all of the typical home comforts that one can hope for. 

From uncramped living spaces on site, comfortable bedrooms and stylish bathrooms, to fully-equipped kitchens and appliances to order, these accommodation units will ensure that the occupants find a home away from home while living on-site. 

The project pictured here is currently underway, with Speedspace delivering and commissioning 36 mobile Speedres parkhome units for use in a remote location, showcasing the many wonderful benefits of this uniquely efficient Speedspace space management solution.