Mobile Clinic

Mobile Clinic South Africa

The impact of the new coronavirus disease is being felt all over the world — and that includes South Africa.

Speedspace has been playing its part to contain the spread of the virus through our expertise in creating medical modular buildings which can be customised to be used as isolation rooms or mobile clinics.

In the past week alone, we have delivered six prefabricated mobile parkhome isolation units across South Africa to assist with the coronavirus pandemic.

As you can see in these images, our buildings are built for purpose and comfort, helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through responsible self-isolation and social distancing practices.

They can be designed and built to your exact specifications, including ablution facilities, storage space and other furnishings as required. They can even be created to serve the purpose of a mobile clinic which can easily be located in remote areas as required.

The value of having mobile clinics available during this outbreak is that patients fighting the coronavirus can be successfully isolated from others who are not battling the infectious disease.

Here are some more images of our mobile clinics;

The effects on hospital resources, as seen in countries that have been heavily affected by COVID-19, are often overwhelming and the availability of mobile clinics such as this one designed and created by Speedspace can help to take the pressure off of hospitals and clinics or be strategically located in areas that have more infections or a lack of healthcare resources.

The modular prefab hospitals established in China during the outbreak used similar structures as the Speedspace UfuduCabins. To find out more about our space management solution or inquire about your own medical modular building or mobile clinic structure – get in touch with us today.

Here are some tips to help keep yourself and those around you safe and prevent the spread of the virus.