Steel Containers

At Speedspace, we listen to the customer to determine exactly what they need and plot a path towards achieving those objectives. By meeting with the customer and understanding what they require from us, we are able to design the ideal space management solution and begin working to deliver it within the customer’s budget and time constraints.

Whether our customers require a specific building type, have bespoke elements they wish to add to a modular structure or have unique challenges they need to overcome with a building, container or parkhome unit, our expertise and experience is at their disposal.

These images illustrate a set of 20′ steel containers in various stages of being converted to the customer’s requirements. 

The project scope requires Speedspace to convert 28 x 20′ containers for the customer within four months complete with internal electrical reticulation, fire suppression system and easy access for trolleys and lifts in and out of the container.

We are well on our way to meeting those requirements for all of the converted containers in the allotted time, ensuring that we exceed our customer’s expectations with the final product.