Well done for your record-breaking delivery!


Speedspace is trusted to provide wide-ranging solutions for the rapidly-expanding mining industry in Southern Africa including in Zambia, with many clients in the country requiring our services and products to establish functional structures and facilities near mining sites. 

An example of this involved units acquired on a rental basis that we delivered to a fully-functional mining exploration campsite in Chililabombwe, Zambia through our local subsidiary. The built camp site was for Mitchell Drilling Zambia Limited, a client with whom we have a healthy working relationship and successful past experiences in Botswana.

The site was built from scratch, and we were required to supply them with all the structures and amenities necessary to establish a fully-functional site including the following: 

<> Accommodation units of various sizes and configurations that were divided into junior, middle, and senior living quarters. 

<> A fully functional kitchen unit with all required kitchen fittings such as deep bowl kitchen sinks, geysers, shelving, food-grade workbenches etc. 

<> A fully functional refrigerated container as a storage facility for all kitchen food supplies. 

<> Fully functional ablution units consisting of toilets and showers with geysers and glass cubicles. 

<> A fully functional site office space. 

The entire project involved various Speedspace products including 7 x Ufudu Cabins, 4 x Parkhomes, and 1 x 6m reefer container to set up. 

Despite the size and scale of this particular project and the remote nature of the campsite, we were able to complete the delivery of all units and the successful establishment of the campsite from start to handing over within three weeks. 

The client was fully satisfied and in disbelief at the speed with which we were able to produce and deliver the full campsite solution, commenting: “Well done for your record-breaking delivery!”