Ufuducabins System

Ufuducabins System

Speedspace has been involved in countless projects over the years, and thanks to our innovative Ufuducabins system, we are able to build excellent structures for clients while providing them with a raft of benefits. 

SAVE TIME: Our Ufuducabins can be erected from flatpack within a matter of hours, ensuring speed and efficiency in combination with the quality that Speedspace is synonymous with. 

SAVE COSTS: Our flatpack system yields significant total cost savings for our clients, thanks to the design elements that make it so innovative. Our collapsible and easily transportable UfuduCabins can save our clients and end-users up to 75% on freight charges. 

UNCOMPLICATED ASSEMBLY: By putting ourselves in the shoes of the client, we have ensured that the units can be assembled on-site with ease using standard tools. 

UNEVEN SURFACE? NO PROBLEM: Each of our Ufuducabins can be erected on virtually any surface, even if the ground is uneven or not quite level, because we provide adjustable base jacks inside our kits. 

EASY ADDITION & REPLACEMENT: Join multiple units of mobile homes, offices or storage, and replace damaged components with ease due to the simple and innovative modular designs inherent in the Ufuducabins system. 

We have thought of everything and designed our Ufuducabins system with user-friendliness and flexibility in mind. Trust Speedspace with your space management solution requirements.