UfuduCabins Flatpack System

ufuducabins flatpack systems

Speedspace’s innovative UfuduCabins have revolutionised the space management solutions industry, allowing for more flexibility, versatility of application and major time and money savings for the end customer. 

UfuduCabins are easy to unpack, erect and commission with speed and accuracy, thanks to the flatpack system. Each of our UfuduCabins can be erected on virtually any surface because we provide adjustable base jacks inside our kits. This flatpack system allows the end-user to join multiple units of mobile homes, offices or storage, even if the ground is uneven or not level.

A product of this calibre would usually cost more than other options on the market, but our flatpack system yields significant total cost savings for our clients. Our collapsible and easily transportable UfuduCabins can save our clients and end-users up to 75% on freight charges. 

Use it anywhere, build exactly what you want and save costs doing it — that is the Speedspace way.

The Flatpack UfuduCabins in the above image are being readied for export purposes, and we are proud to be able to offer this fantastic product across the African continent.