Ufudu Cabins is a cost-effective mid-to-long-term rental solution

Ufudu Cabins

Earlier this year, our Zambian subsidiary received a call from an award-winning Zambia-based creative media consultancy called Media365. The well-respected firm, with expertise in strategy, design, and content production, approached us with a problem that they desperately needed to solve. 

The Media365 team’s continued growth meant that they needed to expand their production facilities to keep up with the demand for their services, but a quality solution that would be budget-friendly and urgently deployable seemed out of reach for them. 

Their current small production room and expansion challenges were proving to be real headaches until we offered them a cost-effective mid-to-long-term rental solution using our Ufudu Cabins, which seamlessly met their requirements and expectations considering the limited available space and time constraints involved.

The finish was superior and the project was successfully delivered in the shortest possible time — just two weeks from start to handover. The Ufudu Cabins offered unique versatility and adaptability as a rental solution and, due to the product’s modular design, we were able to offer the client all of the space they needed for an expanded production room alongside a modern all-in-one ablution/change house to cater directly to the needs of the production team.

The end product delivered as an accessible rental solution left the Media365 team in awe and a comment from one of the people in their leadership team reflects just how pleased they are with the final outcome we provided: “We feel like we have paid less compared to the quality you have delivered. We are extremely happy.”