Temporary Site Facilities

In essence, Speedspace’s modular solutions consist of supplying various types of “boxes” which can be combined and configured into comfortable temporary or semi-permanent site facilities through versatility and creative design.

We are often required to think “out-of-the-box” when trying to overcome specific challenges, as was the case with a recent request from a client who was looking for a rental toilet facility solution for a remote site in the North-West Province.

Their challenge involved the fact that there were no existing services on-site and the sensitive eco-system of the surrounding area did not allow for “French” drain or “soak-away” options. A plan therefore had to be made to overcome these significant challenges so that a successful solution could be conceived and delivered to the site.

Mindful of the challenge and with various options put on the table before final decisions were made, Speedspace’s design team got to work designing a mobile tank that could be transported to the site along with the building. The tank was designed in such a way that it doubled as a platform for the building so that it could be connected and emptied comfortably as and when that is required.

Thanks to creative thinking and design expertise honed through many years of successful projects, our customer’s problem has been solved and they are 100% satisfied with the final solution.