Temporary Site Accommodation

Temporary Site Accommodation

Building temporary accommodation for workers can be a serious challenge for construction, mining and other companies, especially when the site is in a remote area and budget constraints are a concern.

Speedspace is well-placed to provide innovative, cost-effective and customised space management solutions such as the temporary accommodation examples in these images, regardless of where these solutions are needed.

Our accommodation units are built to custom requirements, with your feedback used to ensure that all expectations are exceeded and a comfortable, functional and high-quality accommodation unit is the result of our engineers fully understanding your needs.

When time is of the essence, Speedspace is the ideal partner, designing, installing and delivering excellent solutions swiftly and ahead of schedule.

Whether you want to rent the temporary accommodation for the period of time it will be in use, or purchase it outright, Speedspace offers flexible options and exceptional customer service that adds real value for your business and operations.