Supporting and Uplifting Local Communities

At Speedspace, we believe in supporting and uplifting local communities in which we operate, not just by using or appointing local labour and upskilling those individuals, but by actively aiming to positively impact communities in need.

As part of the work we are doing in the Northern Cape region, with our offices in Kathu and our long-term contract in Postmasburg, we have launched a soup kitchen/feeding scheme in one of the local communities.

In May we initiated the feeding scheme, with delicious and nutritious meals provided to children and adults one day a week on a Wednesday in partnership with people from the local community.

Children in the Tsantsabane community have thoroughly enjoyed our meals, served by the wonderful ladies who make our local kitchen possible.

In May alone, the scheme provided meals for more than 800 children and over 110 adults.

We would like to thank the community workers who assist us in making the feeding scheme a success, as well as the local AFM Church for providing the location from which the team operates.

We are pleased to make a difference to the communities in which we operate.