Speedspace’s High-End Container Conversions

: Speedspace's High-End Container Conversions

In recent years we at Speedspace have established ourselves as one of the market leaders in the specialised field of high-end container conversions, ensuring that our services in this arena have become sought-after and respected across multiple industries.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer space management solutions that truly make a difference and fulfill the needs of our clients. The pictures attached attest to the quality conversion work we are capable of.

Our professional design team combined with our highly competent and skilled production crew are without a doubt the best in the business – working together seamlessly to produce quality outcomes on a consistent basis.

Some of our recent projects included the supply of self-sustainable ablution and sleeper units complete with generators, waste and water tanks which can be used in remote areas, as well as high-class ablution facilities used at major sporting events.