Speedspace Partners With Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT)


Speedspace has partnered with the Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWT), an organisation that deserves support to do the excellent work that they do.

We provided the EWT with additional temporary offices at their new headquarters in Midrand, providing these buildings at no cost as our way of supporting their worthy cause.

The Endangered Wildlife Trust has, for over 47 years, been a champion of conservation in southern Africa, putting a wide diversity of threatened species on the road to a secure future.

The EWT’s work to successfully address human-wildlife conflict, developmental impacts, habitat loss, over-utilisation, and inadequate enforcement of a robust legal framework, has seen a number of species recover from their perilous fates and begin their journey towards a sustainable, albeit a conservation-dependent future.

We used our versatile and customisable Ufuducabins and parkhome products to provide comfortable, functional and high-quality buildings to complement the EWT’s headquarters and enable the excellent work that they do.

We at Speedspace are pleased to play our part in supporting this innovative and dedicated organisation as it strives towards the possibility of a sustainable future for the wildlife and communities of southern Africa.