Speedspace is proud to support Abraham Kriel Bambanani (AKB)

Speedspace is proud to support Abraham Kriel Bambanani (AKB)

Speedspace is proud to support Abraham Kriel Bambanani (AKB), a registered NPO providing care and skills development for traumatised children and youth in need in the greater Johannesburg area.

Celebrating 118 years in existence, AKB changes lives by providing shelter, physical care, rehabilitation and skills development for beneficiaries that have been subjected to trauma, abuse, molestation, poverty, neglect and unemployment.

This is made possible via residential care (2 Campuses and 7 Satellite Homes around Johannesburg), community services (in Westbury & Soweto – 2 Homebased Care Programmes & 3 Drop-In Centres) and educational programmes (Johanna Malan ECDC & Emdeni Skills Development Centre).

The efforts of Abraham Kriel Bambanani have positively impacted the lives of thousands of young children and youth in Johannesburg, thanks in large part to the support of dedicated donors.

Reflecting and looking back at how far the organisation has come in 118 years, AKB took the opportunity to thank Speedspace for its support as a long-standing donor providing mobile units in support of this worthy cause.

“One thing stands out – the difference You have made in the lives of children and youth,” said Colette Ramjathan, Social Funding Developer at AKB.

“AKB, in particular, our Westbury Family Care Programme has been blessed to have SpeedSpace Rentals in our lives. We are so privileged to have You as a part of our family. Since 2008, your mobile units at Westbury have been a tremendous help to us. They offered our staff (25) and children (150-200) at the programme a space to be professional, to work, to be sheltered, for staff to cook for the children, to accommodate the children when they needed help with homework and therapy.

“Speedspace, You are one of our treasured donors and You have been our backbone at AKB Westbury FCP. Thank You so much.

“There are thousands of children and youth that walk through our gates burdened and broken by their past or current family situations. But, they leave Abraham Kriel with a suitcase full of love, life and dreams. This month AKB celebrates 118 fulfilling and life-changing years. Thank You for your continued support over the years,” added Ramjathan on behalf of AKB.

Speedspace would like to thank AKB for the priceless work that they are doing to change the lives of so many South African youth, and we pledge to continue supporting this cause with passion and purpose.