Speedspace Hands Over Two Remote Site Camps In The North Of Mozambique

You know a company is capable and reliable when it is busy and always on the move — if the last month is anything to go by, we at Speedspace are proud to be considered highly capable and reliable!

We have been busy completing various projects across southern Africa, showcasing the absolute versatility of Speedspace products.

We handed over two remote site camps in the north of Mozambique where we were required to set up a fully functional self-sustained camp consisting of sleeping, ablution and recreation facilities. We chose converted, insulated steel marine containers to provide excellent accommodation and recreational facilities for our client.

In Botswana, we were tasked with delivering and installing 400sqm of parkhome double-wide office space to a remote mine situated in northern Botswana. Our expertise and extensive experience of delivering on similar requirements for countless clients meant that this was another successful example of our advanced capabilities and reliability.

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