Speedspace Continue to Deliver on All Projects

Speedspace continue to deliver on all projects

The past few months have been a busy period at Speedspace, with various projects across the country stretching our production and operational capacity to the limits — but we continued to deliver on all projects. We remain grateful for the work and committed, as always, to exceeding our customers’ expectations.

The versatility of our range of modular buildings once again proves that we can deliver modular prefabricated space solutions which meet a wide range of applications for multiple industries, regardless of the requirements involved.

These photos show a couple of the projects which are works-in-progress, including the following:

<> A selection of 12 X 40′ HC containers being converted and joined into one insulated operations office for a local transport company in Johannesburg. The 336sqm building will be placed and joined together on an elevated platform on the customers’ site when completed.

<> Our UfuduCabins being prepared for a temporary office solution on a rental basis for a customer in Secunda.

The dynamic nature and quality finishes of the Ufuducabins have once again proved their value and Speedspace’s unique ability to ramp up production to meet the most rigorous industry demands. This ensures that we are well placed to deliver value for all customers.

In addition, our collaboration and partnerships with other contractors within our industry have proven valuable when demand requires us to deliver multiple quality projects simultaneously. A recent example of the conversion of 12 specialised low cube 20′ containers is a result of industry partnership and an example of our ability to thrive in partnership with like-minded contractors for the benefit of the customer.