Space Management Solutions

Space Management Solutions

Speedspace remains at the forefront of producing space management solutions to support the fight against COVID-19 in South Africa, but it is not just our sought after isolation units and mobile clinic buildings that businesses are ordering.

In addition to our buildings being used for the purposes of the healthcare sector, we are supporting businesses across multiple industries with structures designed to allow them to reintegrate into the economy and fulfill the health and safety requirements that this pandemic has made necessary.

In these images, modular Ufudcabins are being readied in our yard for two different sites — a kitchen facility for a local hospital and site offices and a screening facility for a mine in Mpumalanga. We also have an ablution building being despatched to a local hospital on a Speedspace truck.

The images also include some converted container ablutions being prepared for delivery as rental and container storage facilities for a mine in Limpopo to accommodate the storage of additional personal protective equipment mandated to assist in the fight against COVID-19.

If your business or organisation needs our space management solution expertise to support your anti-coronavirus strategy, get in touch.