Replacing Old Modular Buildings On-site

Clients often approach us with the need to implement a space management solution to replace an existing working or living situation, with the added requirement of the business operating as usual without any interruption.

At Speedspace, we thrive on overcoming such challenges and we are adept at managing complex changeovers without disturbing the successful operation of an organisation or business. 

One such example is an extensive project which we are managing at an iron ore mine in the Northern Cape region. 

We are in the process of replacing numerous old modular buildings on-site at the mine which have come to their end of life. We are replacing these with completely new units while removing the old buildings simultaneously, ensuring that people are able to move smoothly and efficiently out of the existing buildings and into the new structures.

We are able to do this seamlessly thanks to the skilled teams we have on-site at the mine that manage the entire process. These teams deal with such elements as placing the units, installing air conditioning, ensuring that the necessary wind-bracing is in place, fitting steps, moving existing internal furniture from old to new units. 

In addition, we have dedicated transport and crane operators on-site that form part of our dedicated team that we manage and oversee to ensure that the logistics are all running smoothly. 

We have just begun this project and we are aiming to complete this exchange of old units and the placement of new units by the end of September.