Remote Camps

portable ablution

Requiring a building to be constructed in the middle of nowhere usually means that you’ll need a great deal of time and money — unless you partner with Speedspace.

We save our clients time and money by building comfortable, functional and affordable structures and providing innovative space management solutions in remote areas.

We provide these solutions far quicker and more efficiently than any of our competitors, while never compromising quality.

By using state-of-the-art technology and market-leading expertise, Speedspace is able to design, install and deliver comfortable and functional structures that are capable of overcoming the environmental and weather conditions they will face.

Ideal for change-room facilities at remote mines, accommodation facilities at far-flung construction sites or any other building required in the middle of nowhere, Speedspace can turn any building required in a remote area into a reality, supporting the needs and objectives of our clients regardless of the challenges they face.