Remote Camps / Remote Buildings

Remote Camps / Remote Buildings

Speedspace is often contacted to be involved in projects where access to a site is restricted and we need to come up with the best solution to get a particular structure or building built and delivered to that site, often within strict timeframes.

Our experience in doing this with countless projects throughout the years has made us the space management solution experts, no matter where the solution needs to end up. 

This is best illustrated by two of our recent projects. We were asked to provide offices on a remote mine in Rustenburg, and needed to get the office structures carefully placed. Mines are among our most frequent clients because of our ability to navigate remote terrain and locations with ease. 

The other project involved the delivery of consulting rooms to a hospital in East London, and we were able to get these buildings to the site without any problems. 

These successful projects prove, once again, that even if the site conditions are restricted, we have means to get the job done professionally, with care and in the most efficient way possible.