Remote Accommodation in Mozambique

Remote Accommodation in Mozambique

Speedspace recently exceeded expectations on a large remote accommodation solution in Mozambique for a large international client.

The client required comfortable accommodation and living areas for 32 staff members. The self-sustainable camp was delivered to the complete satisfaction of the international client, and the images in this post demonstrate the unsurpassed excellence with which Speedspace solutions are delivered.

A total of 18 Cargo Steel marine containers were converted for this particular solution, which included the following facilities:

  • 20′ insulated Sleeper units
  • 20′ ablution facility fully functional with showers, WC basins, with water reticulation, pumps and the ability to macerate the waste into a waste tank and hot water geysers
  • Re-enforced potable 20′ container water tanks with a capacity to hold 34000 L supplying the ablutions with clean water.
  • Grey and wastewater re-enforced 20′ container tanks to pump all the waste into. All required plumbing reticulation with easy to install couplings for quick and easy on-site installation “plug-and-play” from water supply to ablutions and back into waste tanks.
  • 40′ Container Insulated for the recreation area.
  • 20′ Containers fully fitted with diesel generators and tanks with all the electrical reticulation and infrastructure making connections and power supply to each container possible on-site “quick and easy” without the requirement of finding skilled services to do the install.

All of these requirements were handled with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail to ensure that the client was pleased with the outcome — leading to another successful Speedspace project!