Prefabricated Parkhome

At Speedspace, we view our clients as partners in the successful completion of their projects, rather than a simple number among many others. In some cases, we even see the opportunity to combine expertise with like-minded companies, allowing us to formulate a unique and high-value service offering together. 

This is particularly true of our partnership with the CSG Group, a multi-disciplinary outsourced services group offering a wide range of solutions including facilities management. Five years ago we identified an opportunity to partner with CSG Group to create a unique proposition for the market, and it has proven to be a great and mutually beneficial decision. 

CSG Group’s values of being a driven organisation and striving to be agile and efficient in its service offering aligned perfectly with Speedspace’s ethos, resulting in this successful partnership to offer comfortable serviced accommodation for contractors working in the Northern Cape region. 

Part of the association between our companies involved the establishment of a “management accommodation camp” in Aggeneys, situated in the Northern Cape. The management camp includes comfortable single or double room facilities with en-suite serviced ablutions, laundry services and meals. 

The camp can accommodate 150 people and also includes family units to allow for more comfortable away-from-home accommodation options. In addition to the comfortable living quarters, the camp has a recreation facility that comprises a 122sqm prefabricated parkhome as well as a fully-fitted kitchen and diner facility providing top-quality meals. 

Operating a solution of this nature within a remote area requires the correct facilities and expertise to ensure a fresh supply of not only food but laundry services as well. The 40″ refrigerated containers and laundry containers, as well as storage containers, are all fitted with the relevant amenities and equipment to ensure a hassle-free stay for weary contractors. 

We are proud to continue our successful partnership with the CSG Group, and we are pleased that they are satisfied with our combination of skills and resources for the benefit of our companies and especially the clients we serve.

“The CSG Group has complete faith in the space management solutions that Speedspace provide, thanks to the world-class facilities that we have experienced and enjoyed in the Northern Cape. The hands-on involvement in which their Director’s deal with their clients and partners is part of their success, always willing to help and grow.” said Cilliers de Kock, Operations Director.