Prefabricated Modular Structures

Problem-solving comes naturally to us at Speedspace, and we are pleased whenever we can assist clients with one of our space management solutions that perfectly cater to their requirements

The images below showcase the diversity of our offering in terms of prefabricated modular structures and container conversion solutions. 

In one of these projects, a company needed to revert to an alternative office solution to avoid the extremely high lease costs of conventional office parks and retail spaces. This provided us with an opportunity to assist through the design and construction of a modular office structure that took into consideration all of the client’s requirements. Speedspace supplied this 60sqm modular office as per the medium-sized accounting firm’s requirements adjacent to an existing retail centre in the north of Johannesburg. This particular example shows that our modular solutions are even suited to high-end upmarket areas without detracting from their surroundings.

In another project, we were requested to supply a mine site with 6m containers converted to accommodate six individual secure tool stores as well as a 12m container insulated and converted to function as a comfortable office for the workshop manager overseeing the tool stores. As with all of our projects, we delivered with excellence in record time and produced exactly what was asked of us. 

In yet another example, a customer based in a rural area required a secure retail store and our 12m container complete with shutter doors offered the perfect solution to ensure comfort, safety and security while offering a beautiful structure to represent the retail brand in a visually-appealing way. As in that example, our refurbished parkhome offices provide ideal rental office space for remote or instant office solutions.

Get in touch with us to discuss your space management solution problem, and we are confident that we will come up with a solution.