Prefab Mobile Site Kitchens Configured and Equipped To Your Specifications

Prefab Mobile Site Kitchens

Speedspace is often contacted to create structures that can be used as spaces in which food can be prepared safely, effectively and in comfort, while we also design and build other related elements such as eating halls, outdoor decks where people can congregate and enjoy a meal, or industrial kitchens where large quantities of food can be made for many people. 

Whether you’re launching a canteen at the office, adding a standalone kitchenette to your home, or wanting to establish a restaurant or pop-up eatery in the fastest time possible, we can provide the best solution for your requirements. 

Our modular solutions can be combined and configured into comfortable temporary or semi-permanent kitchen facilities through versatility and creative design, and we are confident that we will exceed your expectations when you tell us what you need and give us the opportunity to deliver with our expertise and experience. 

Our design teams use high-level planning and design resources to produce exceptional space management solutions and can do so for your specific requirements, including elements such as fully-functional kitchens, refrigeration, plumbing, space for tables and chairs, multiple entrances, large windows and any other necessity to bring your idea to life. 

Simply get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.