People often think that parkhomes have a limited lifespan, however, when these buildings are maintained, their longevity is boosted, extending the lifespan of these units well beyond the expectations of their owners. 

Our experienced Speedspace teams are able to refurbish second-hand parkhome and prefabricated units — either at our premises or on-site — breathing new life into these old prefabricated units to ensure that they will last for years and provide our customers with value for money.

With almost 50 years’ experience in the prefabricated modular industry in Southern Africa, we have become specialised in the refurbishment of old parkhomes.

In this example, our team was brought in to expertly restore a second-hand parkhome and we are pleased to have been part of yet another successful refurbishment. 

So whether you need repair or maintenance work done on your parkhome, self-storage unit or used shipping container, Speedspace will exceed your expectations with the results.

Allow Speedspace to quote on your repairs and refurbishment to give your building a facelift and revitalise it like never before.