Parkhomes Becoming Popular in South Africa

Parkhomes Becoming Popular in South Africa

Parkhomes became popular and well-known in South Africa in the early 1980s, with these quaint little 2-3 bedroom prefabricated modular homes dotted along South Africa’s south coast. 

Speedspace’s late founder Rudie Wiggett, together with a few others, pioneered the establishment of these versatile mobile homes along the coast lines of South Africa. 

The popularity of these mobile homes, combined with the mining boom, saw these modular homes altered to meet the industrialised requirements of mining applications — leading to innovative uses for these parkhomes in many different applications, designs and forms to accommodate mining camps, executive site offices, ablutions, schools, clinics and much more.  

Now, 40 Years later and with Speedspace edging closer to 50 years in existence, these parkhomes are as popular and in demand as when they were first introduced to South Africans as leisure homes.

Speedspace recently completed the supply and delivery of 366sqm of parkhome office space that was linked together for a customer at Majuba power station. 

These offices were designed to accommodate executive office space, board rooms, ablutions and kitchen facilities, creating a comfortable and secure office complex remotely, dedicated to addressing and catering to the electricity needs of our country.

As always, Speedspace is on the forefront of space management solution innovation and technology, and we are proud of our national footprint in this regard.