Parkhome Type Modular Offices

At Speedspace, we are proud of our track record of establishing long-lasting relationships with customers where our product offering continues to add value thanks to the quality and longevity of our space management solutions. 

A great example of this can be seen in the red buildings pictured in this post. Twelve years ago, Speedspace was contracted to supply project offices to a new iron ore mine in the Northern Cape region at one of Anglo American’s flagship iron ore mines.

We established parkhome-type modular offices and boardrooms (the red structures) complete with a kitchen and ablutions, amounting to a total of 1200sqm worth of mobile offices. 

Fast forward 12 years, and these offices are still in use by the projects team, and the mine is expanding to phase two, where Speedspace have once again been contracted to establish the project offices (the white buildings) as seen in the below images.

This is certainly a testament to what we have delivered for this mine over more than a decade, and what we can produce for companies who require our solutions, with the assurance that our products will continue to add value for many years to come. 

The quality inherent in all of the products we produce is long-lasting, with projects designed to go the distance and the longevity of our space management solutions helping us to build win-win relationships with clients.