Parkhome Building

At Speedspace, we are often asked about the lifespan of a modular office or parkhome building. The short answer usually is, depending on how well the unit is maintained, the lifespan mirrors that of any other conventional building and can even be extended well beyond expectations with excellent maintenance.

However, being a mobile building often used in remote areas, some parkhome site offices are exposed to harsh conditions and heavy handling on construction and mine sites. This tends to add to the natural wear and tear of the building, as robust as it is. 

This is why customers often call on Speedspace’s expertise and experience to bring old weary-looking parkhomes back to life, revitalising the building and ensuring that it is fully-functional again. 

An example of this can be seen in these images – this 18m office unit was ready to be discarded in the dump site before our skilled team at our Kathu branch undertook to restore it and managed to breathe life back into it again. 

Our expert Speedspace teams are on hand to assist with refurbishing and restoring second-hand parkhome and prefabricated units — either at our premises or on-site. Simply get in touch with us and let us know what your restoration needs are.