Our Speedspace prefabricated ablution toilet units are fully equipped

prefabricated ablution

Our Speedspace prefabricated ablution/toilet units are fully equipped and vary in size from single toilets to complete bathroom/change-room/locker-room complexes, as our clients require. 

This enables our change rooms/bathrooms to be used in a wide range of applications to provide robust, convenient amenities with minimal disruption to operations. 

The change rooms come pre-plumbed and fully equipped, ensuring the ultimate comfort for people who are using the facilities. These bathrooms and change-rooms can be installed quickly and easily, with fast turnaround times, making them the ideal solution for any site.

Our clients love these ablution facilities because of the versatility and flexibility of the product, allowing them access to a more customised design and layout, regardless of whether they require a single toilet or an entire bathroom facility.