Off-the-grid accommodation

off-the-grid accommodation

Speedspace’s space management solutions are often tailored to respond to specific situations or challenges that are present within society or a particular area. 

One such modern challenge is the energy crisis and the issue of load-shedding, prompting some clients to approach us for off-the-grid or self-sustaining solutions. 

One such project involved the conversion of two containers for a client who is in the process of establishing an off-the-grid accommodation in the Swartberg mountain range. Two 20′ marine containers were converted to accommodate two rooms, one with a kitchen and one with a bathroom. 

Some of the wonderful features within this particular solution include the addition of fireplaces to each container, as well as gas geysers and an open design with larger windows to allow for enhanced natural ventilation and better viewing vantage points once placed on site. 

The remote nature of the site also required special security measures and the large window and door security panels manufactured from container wall panels were customised with air shocks to assist with opening and safety latches to secure them in place.

This conversion was completed in our PE branch, and we are pleased with the end result and the manner in which we were able to exceed the expectations of the client in delivering an off-the-grid solution tailored to their specific needs.