Modular Prefab Building

modular prefab building

Speedspace’s ability to overcome the challenge of building exceptional, robust and functional structures in the most remote settings is well documented, and something that we have become widely recognised for. 

Zambia’s Ministry of Health counted on Speedspace to provide a modular prefab building that could be constructed on-site in Choma, a remote part of Zambia.

The building is now used as an ECHO Facility — Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes. Project ECHO is a revolutionary guided-practice model that reduces health disparities in underserved and remote areas. Through innovative telementoring, expert teams lead virtual clinics that provide people in underserved and remote areas with access to specialist medical care that would otherwise not be possible.

Our Speedplan modular prefab system was the perfect space management solution to the challenge of constructing such an important building in such a distant location, and we made it happen.

Speedspace’s company in Lusaka, Ufudu Zambia, completed this 120sqm building in only 12 days. 

The great thing about this product is that it can be containerised, sent to site and erected in any location in almost any configuration using prefabricated insulated wall panels — opening up endless possibilities for clients requiring structures in remote locations.

Ideal for units intended for long-term use on site, the modular panel system is suitable for most types of accommodation, including ablutions, dormitories, kitchens, schools, clinics, houses or modular site offices (including large on-site complexes), and can be customised to suit our clients’ requirements.