Modular Clinic in Vryburg

Modular Clinic in Vryburg

Speedspace recently completed an important project in Vryburg at the Joe Morolong Hospital.

We were contracted by the Department of Health to construct a 32-bed Clinic at the Joe Morolong Hospital in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for additional space to treat those infected.

The clinic had to meet the high health standards of the Department of Health and accommodate 6 ICU beds, 8 High-care and 18 general ward beds, complete with associated facilities, like a functional dispensary, nurse’s stations, offices and consulting rooms, storerooms sluice rooms and ablution facilities.

We were not phased by the size and scope of the project, and immediately got to work designing this structure.

The Speedplan product was most suited for this application, as it is a cost-effective modular prefab panel system that is particularly well-suited for units intended for long use.

It is ideal for most types of accommodation, including ablutions, dormitories, kitchens, schools, clinics, houses or modular site offices (including large on-site complexes), and can be customised to suit our clients’ requirements — as was the case with this clinic.

Perhaps most impressive was how quickly we were able to design, build and deliver the 682m2 clinic.

With a projected timeline for completion of 15 weeks from date of appointment to handover, we appreciated the urgency and need to have the facility ready to address the increasing COVID-19 numbers, and managed to complete the project in 68 days from start to finish.

This is even more impressive considering that our scope included civil works as well as external water and electrical reticulation.

The clinic is also fitted with a state of the art HVAC and Hepa air filtration system specially designed for managing airflow exchanges.

This prefab modular system is portable, and easily transported, even to remote areas, and is erected on-site, on either a concrete slab foundation or a factory-manufactured, suspended floor.

This means that such a project could be delivered anywhere in Africa, as required.