Modalur Prefab Building in Zambia

Our teams of experts at Speedspace are adept at overcoming the challenge of building exceptional, robust and functional structures in the most remote settings, allowing our clients to have structures placed exactly where they need them. 

This modular prefab building in a remote part of Zambia is a perfect example of that. 

When the client approached us with the need for a building in such a distant location, we knew that our Speedplan modular prefab system was the perfect space management solution to cater for their needs. 

One of the major advantages of this product is that it can be containerised, sent to site and erected in any location in virtually any configuration using prefabricated insulated wall panels. 

The innovative and versatile nature of this product opens up endless possibilities for clients requiring structures in remote locations. 

The modular panel system is suitable for most types of accommodation, including ablutions, dormitories, kitchens, schools, clinics, houses or modular site offices and can be fully customised to suit our clients’ requirements.