Mobile Space Management Solutions for Remote Areas

Remote areas such as mines, construction sites, nature reserves and similar areas pose unique challenges when it comes to new buildings being required. Cost, delivery of materials and the eventual construction of the structures can be huge obstacles to overcome, not to mention the need to have the buildings set up as quickly as possible.

Speedspace’s mobile space management solutions are versatile, functional, cost-effective and easily transported to any venue or site regardless of how remote it might be.

This allows for numerous office structures or largescale accommodation and living facilities to be constructed and transported to remote sites, as seen in these images. This solution makes it possible for mining companies or construction firms to set up these key buildings exactly where they need them when they need them.

Available for sale or hire, the individual units can be transported and used immediately thereafter, complete with all required amenities, plumbing, electricity or temperature control requirements.

Clients can get in touch with us to discuss their exact requirements and expectations, and we will design and deliver a comprehensive solution that will fulfil all of their requirements.