Mobile Site Office

mobile site office

Speedspace has become a trusted name across the continent, offering space management solution expertise beyond South Africa’s borders thanks to offices and expert teams in multiple countries and a network of clients that spans Africa. 

A recent example of this involved a project in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the world’s largest producer of cobalt, accounting for roughly 60 percent of global production. 

Kamoto Copper Company (KCC), the first copper producer in Africa and the first cobalt producer in the world, required a cost-effective, comfortable and fully functional mobile office in Kolwezi, an important mining centre in the Province of Lualaba. 

The responsible mining firm turned to Speedspace subsidiary Ufudu Zambia for their mobile site office requirements, and we designed, constructed and supplied a 12m container complete with all requirements including flooring, lighting, air conditioning, entrance doors and burglar bar-protected windows.

Kamoto Copper Company is yet another African mining firm that has entrusted its space management solution requirements to Speedspace, which has also designed, built and delivered structures used for accommodation, ablution facilities and various other applications for mining companies throughout Africa.