Mobile Site Office

Requiring a mobile site office set up quickly, easily and affordably used to be a serious challenge until Speedspace leveraged innovation and expertise to overcome that challenge and produce quality space management solutions. 

Whether you need a solution for a mobile site office or an addition to your current business premises, we have the experience and expertise to conceptualise, create and deliver the ideal space management solution based on your exact specifications and unique challenges. 

Take this example of our rental parkhomes, ufuducabins and steel containers at an unusual location at the docks in Port Elizabeth. These mobile offices are being used on the docks by a contractor who is upgrading one of the dock bays. 

The versatility of our mobile offices has come in handy once again, as we designed and built the units to suit the contractor’s specific environment and application.

Available to purchase or hire, our units are perfect for both temporary and permanent mobile site offices, providing a ready-made room or building with an abundance of space and the ability to transport the units exactly where they need to be, regardless of location.