Mobile Site Office

Mobile Site Office

With the economy opening up and businesses restarting operations, Speedspace makes it possible for mobile site offices to be set up easily and efficiently exactly where your company requires them.

You can get extra space for your business quickly, easily and affordably — whether you need a solution for a mobile site office or an addition to your current business premises.

We have the experience and expertise to craft the ideal space management solution based on your exact specifications and challenges.

Available to purchase or hire, our units are perfect for both temporary and permanent mobile or pop-up shops or site offices, providing a ready-made room with an abundance of space and the ability to transport the units exactly where you need them, regardless of location.

We use our versatile and customisable Ufuducabins and parkhome products to provide comfortable, functional and high-quality buildings for our clients.

The containers can be modified and adapted to work in whatever capacity is required, depending on what you need. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and find out more about what solutions we can provide you with.