Mobile Prefabricated Ablution

Mobile Prefabricated Ablution

The announcement by the government of the lifting of certain measures from the hard lockdown to level 4 means that the mining industry in South Africa been given the green light to return to operations and scale up operations to 50% capacity.

As companies within this crucial industry return to operation, they are required to adhere to strict health and safety protocols in the workplace.

Practising safe personal hygiene on a consistent basis is one of these protocols.

This can be enabled by renting or purchasing Speedspace’s mobile prefabricated ablutions which are ideal for companies in need of this efficient solution suited to any conditions or location — remote or otherwise.

This example illustrates a 60sqm ablution that is ready for despatch to a mine in Mpumalanga where it will be utilised for a six-month period by the female miners working at the mine and to ensure that the mine complies with the requirements and standards prescribed by our government.

Speedspace is proud to be able to contribute to ensuring the safety of workers and the smooth and safe operation of companies in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.